Why Our Soap is Different

The number of different kinds of soap in the world is downright overwhelming. There are specialty soaps for every type of skin problem imaginable, as well as every scent and shape under the sun. If you want unicorn poop soap, you can buy unicorn poop soap. If you want soap with toys in the middle, you can buy soap with toys in the middle.

At Simple Alchemy, we take everything back to basics. Strike that, we REINVENT the basics. Col's recipes are the result of years of batch testing. There was no How-To Guide for this process, because most people don't make soap like this. It costs more, and it takes longer. We believe it's worth it.




We use ingredients like olive, coconut, avocado, sunflower, and castor oils. For more on why we use each of these ingredients, feel free to read our blog post on the topic. We choose our ingredients carefully, making sure they're ethically sourced and not just good, but great for your skin. A lot of readily available soaps contain palm oil, which is indeed a great filler. The harvesting of it is also demolishing our rainforests. Though it makes our process more costly, we choose to not use any palm oil in our products because we believe in sustainability.

Our Scrub Bar has super fine Oregon Coast sand. Col travelled the country (literally) and tested all the sand she could find. She looked at samples under a microscope to observe the texture of each grain. Ultimately she chose Oregon sand, not just because we're based in Oregon, but because it's the finest and softest sand you can get in the country.

We make a conscious decision to not use any fragrances in our soap because so many people have sensitivities. It can be hard to find body products which are truly unscented! Ours are.

Everything we choose to put in our soap, and to leave out of our soap, is highly intentional. Your health and the health of our planet always come first.



We don't cut bars from larger slabs of soap. The reason? Soap which is cut that way has to be done so when it's still soft, meaning it hasn't had much time to cure. It also means the soap has a higher water content. Yes, it would be easier and faster to make it that way, but it also means the soap doesn't last as long and has a tendency to turn to mush before you've finished it. We use a simple round mold, and let each bar cure for at least 2 weeks before we sell it. It has the lowest water content possible. Thanks to this formula, our soap stays usable and not mushy until it's down to the last sliver. We also chose this shape because it's comfortable to hold in your hand. 




As you might have noticed, we're pretty big fans of simplicity and sustainability. We love packaging which can be recycled, or better yet, thrown into the compost bin! So that's how we package everything. Our labels are made from recycled product, and even have a biodegradable adhesive. They might not look as fancy as some, but we like that.