How to Burn a Wooden Wick Candle


Wooden wick candles provide such cozy ambiance with their campfire-like crackling. With just a little care and attention, you’ll be able to enjoy your Simple Alchemy Co candle’s gorgeous scent and flame for many, many hours.

To start, make sure your wooden wick is about 1/4 inch tall. Use a long match or lighter, and drag slowly across the wooden wick to get your first burn started. Because we do not use any accelerants, it may take a couple tries to get the wick to light, but don’t worry, it will light. Once the wick is lit, it’s very important to let your candle burn until the pool of melted wax reaches the edges of the vessel. This usually takes about 3 hours, and ensures you will get the longest life and cleanest burns out of your candle.

After the melted wax has reached the edges, you can blow out your candle and let it cool. Once cooled, gently pinch the carbon from the wick between your thumb and forefinger to shorten the wick back to 1/4 inch. Your wick trimmings can go directly in the compost bin!

CAUTION: Never leave your candle unattended. Be sure to place it on a heat resistant surface. Keep away from pets, children, and flammable items.