How do I order wholesale?

Contact us at info@simplealchemy.co for our wholesale pricing. We're happy to put together an order for you.

Do you refund or exchange purchases?

We're pretty sure you will fall in love with your products, but we want all our customers to be 100% satisfied. If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact us to arrange a refund or exchange for a different item.

Why are all your soaps round?

There are a couple reasons why we use this beautifully simple shape. First, we've found it's the most comfortable and easy to hang onto in the shower. Second, soaps which are sliced from larger loaves have to be soft, which means they have a higher water content, and aren't cured as long. Why does that matter, you ask? Higher water content and less curing time = the soap doesn't last as long, and it turns to mush very quickly in water. We make our soaps with the least amount of water possible, and let them cure at least 30 days. The result? Gorgeous soap that outlasts your average bar, and will stay intact until the end.

My soap discolored after a while. Has it gone bad?

Nope! Not at all. Because we use absolutely no preservatives in our soaps, the surface of the soap may oxidize slightly over time. It's okay! It has no bearing on the soap's quality or performance.

Is the packaging really compostable?

Yes! Our packaging is made with 100% recycled materials. Our labels even have a compostable adhesive, so you can throw everything into your compost bin. We are committed to zero waste packaging.

Is the soap biodegradable?

Extremely. It's completely safe to use out in nature. It's totally edible too, so you don't have to worry about kids or pets getting it in their mouths. We're not saying it will TASTE great, but it's entirely safe. Once when Col was camping, a bird stole her soap off the picnic table. TWICE! 

I have very sensitive skin. Will your soap work for me?

Our soap is MADE for you. Literally. We here at Simple Alchemy also have highly sensitive skin. Col originally started making soap because everything available on the market irritated her skin. The result is our superior quality, highly conditioning, remarkably simple soap. Our customers have had excellent results, including those with eczema, keratosis pilaris, psoriasis, oily, and combination skin types. 

Are your soaps truly unscented?

YES. Bee has what Col calls a "super sniffer." She is incredibly sensitive to fragrances, so most body products give her a headache. We know there are a lot of super sniffers in the world who are frustrated with the strong smells of even so-called "unscented" products out there. That is why we never, EVER use fragrances or even essential oils in our soaps. They just smell like soap.

Do I still need to use conditioner after using the Shampoo+Body Bar?

You can always use a conditioner if you feel the need. Many folks find they no longer require it after using a shampoo bar for a while, because it doesn’t strip your hair of its natural moisture like a lot of shampoos do. Personally, we just shampoo with our Shampoo+Body Bar, and then moisturize with Jojoba and/or Castor Oil as needed.

How do I burn a soy wooden wick candle?

Soy woodwick candles just take a little more attention than your standard paraffin wax candles with cotton wicks. Soy wax burns much longer than other wax blends, and our sustainable wood wicks aren’t treated with any chemicals. The first time you light it, be sure to let it burn until there’s a pool of melted wax that reaches the edges of the jar (usually 2-3 hours). Once your candle is lit for a while, you’ll probably notice the flame start to burn a bit lower. Just blow it out at that point, and let it cool completely. When the wax has cooled, you can gently break the little charcoal bits off the wick (they’ll come off very easily), and put them in the recycling or compost. Your candle is ready to re-light at that point.