Discounted Cedar Lemongrass | Travel Soy Candle

Discounted Cedar Lemongrass | Travel Soy Candle


This Cedar Lemongrass 100% soy wax travel candle has a very fresh, and cleansing scent. With pure cedar and lemongrass essential oils, it’s an uplifting addition to your home.

Hand-poured in a reusable travel tin. The wick is handmade with hemp fiber, which we have discontinued due to it being extremely labor intensive! We are not making anymore hemp wick candles, and these are the last of them. 50% off!

Vegan | Dye-Free | Fragrance Free | Cruelty-Free | Zero Waste

Burn time: 20+ hours
Volume: Approx. 5 oz.
Tin Size: 2” tall, 2.75” diameter.
Ingredients: 100% Non-GMO Soy Wax, Hemp Wick, + Pure Cedar + Lemongrass Essential Oils.


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