Lavender | Pure Soy Woodwick Candle

Lavender | Pure Soy Woodwick Candle


We couldn’t find a wood wick candle on the market that was just lavender essential oil and 100% soy wax, so we made one. The scent is beautifully relaxing without being overwhelming, especially paired with the gentle crackle of the wooden wick as the flame flickers through the amber glass.

It is hand-poured in a reusable/recyclable amber glass jar, with a sustainably sourced wooden wick. The labels are made with tree-free sugarcane, and completely biodegradable.

Vegan | Dye-Free | Fragrance Free | Cruelty-Free | Zero Waste

Burn time: 40+ hours
Volume: Approx. 7 oz.
Jar Size: 3.5” tall, 3” diameter.
Ingredients: 100% Soy Wax, Sustainably Sourced Wood Wick, + Pure Lavender Essential Oil.


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