Spiced Orange | Upcycled Candle

Spiced Orange | Upcycled Candle


We’re all about things which are both beautiful and useful, so giving secondhand finds a new life brings us a lot of joy. We hope it does the same for you!

This Spiced Orange soy candle invokes cozy Autumn and Winter days by the fire. With zesty orange and spicy clove essential oils, it’s sure to bring a comforting spirit to any space.

It is hand-poured in a vintage ceramic mug, with two eco wicks.

Vegan | Dye-Free | Fragrance Free | Cruelty-Free | Zero Waste

Scent: Spiced Orange.
Ingredients: pure non-GMO Soy Wax, + Pure Clove + Orange Essential Oils.
Wick: 2 vegan eco natural fiber wicks.
Vessel: Mikasa. Stone Manor. Oven to table to dishwasher. Japan. F 5800.
Size: 2.75” tall, 3.5” diameter (not including handle).

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